Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday: Israeli army kills 2 cousins, a ''car rammer'' & an American who came to the West Bank to marry

One of the dead cousins in Hebron, (Photo Ma'an)

Updated Two Palestinians were shot dead near Ramallah on Friday after separate alleged attacks targeting Israeli military forces in the occupied West Bank, Israel's army and Palestinian officials said. That happened after early in the morning two cousins had been killed in Hebron,.
One Palestinian was shot and killed near the illegal Ofra settlement north of Ramallah after ramming his car into a group of Israeli soldiers, according to the Israeli army. Two soldiers were injured, they suffered  minor injuries.The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the killed Palestinian as Anas Bassam Hammad.
An hour earlier, a Palestinian man was shot and killed near the Ramallah-area village of Abud, Palestinian officials said.The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health identified the man as Abed al-Rahman al-Barghouthi, 27. Witnesses told Ma’an following the attack that al-Barghouthi was a US citizen who had recently arrived back from the US to get married, after getting engaged five months previously. Al-Barghouthi was reportedly walking home from his fiance’s house at the time that he was shot, according to witnesses who said that a car dropped him off near his village. Abud is next to the settlemeent of Halamish. At the moment of his death clashes were taking place. The witnesses told Ma’an that al-Barghouthi had tried to walk home “with his arms raised” when two soldiers jumped from nearby olive groves and "opened fire before planting a knife beside his body." According to an army spokesman a soldier had been attacjed and stabbed in teh neck

Very early the morning of the same Friday Israeli soldiers killed two boys in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron on the pretext that they wanted to attack soldieres with knives. The boys, who were cousins of each other, were identified as Taher Fadel Fanoun (19), a student at the Hebron University in his first year, and Fadel Abd al-Moneim Fanoun (15), pupil of te tens grade of a school in the city. Witnesses siad that the army opened fire at them after a soldier was lightly wounded.
 Fedel Fanoun said he heard the news of the death of his son and the son of his brother on the radio, before he was summoned for questioning and the identification of his son to a checkpoint at Shuhada Street in Hebron.The cousins were the 111th and 112th Palestinians to be killed since 1 October.

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