Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Protests across Jordan after anouncement of high price rises of fuel and cooking gas

Jordan's prime minister announced price hikes for gas and other fuel Tuesday, setting off demonstrations and calls for general strikes. Protesters blamed Jordan's problems on King Abdullah II.
Abdullah Ensour's announcement on state TV cited a need to offset $5 billion in state losses from a rising fuel bill.
The news sparked protests in the capital, Amman, and at least 12 other cities across Jordan.
"Revolution, revolution, it is a popular revolution," chanted about 2,000 protesters in an impromptu demonstration at a main Amman square, housing the Interior Ministry and other vital government departments. Also the slogan 'As-shaab yureed 'usqut al nizam - the people want the downfall of the regime - was heard, a very popular slogan during the demonstrations in Cairo that led to the fall of Hosni Mubarak. For wednesday a general strike is foreseen in which schools, universities and taxi drivers are to take part.    

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Blocking roads in Irbid. 

Ensour said a type of fuel used in public transport will rise in price by 14 percent, while kerosene oil used for household heating goes up by 28 percent.Cooking gas will jump 54 percent, he said. Many low-income Jordanians use the gas for heating.

Embedded image permalinkRoundabout in front of the ministry of the Interior in Amman.

In Mazar, dozens of protesters burned down the main court building after stealing documents. Further south in Maan, a hotbed for Jordanian Muslim militants, 500 protesters blocked the streets, burning tires and throwing stones at riot police, who were firing tear gas.The protests also spread to Jordan's north. In Sareeh, on the edge of the northern city of Irbid close to the Syrian border, angry protesters burned down a gas station, said witness Mohammed Amoura.

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