Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood takes stand against Israeli agression in Gaza

The Muslim Brotherhood have called for a protest next Friday to denounce the recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Over weekend the Israeli army has attacked the Strip, killing seven Palestinians, including two children and two militants. Israel claimed the strikes were in response to an anti-tank missile fired at an Israeli jeep.
'Repeated Israeli raids on Gaza, killing people and destroying their homes and property are blatant violations of international law that vividly illustrate the lie of alleged Israeli peace,' a Muslim Brotherhood statement said. 'Israel is still flouting all resolutions, ignoring all international conventions and norms, and killing innocent people – following the only bloody policy it knows.'
'The killing of dozens of innocent Palestinians is only a link in the chain of oppression and Judaization which Israel seeks to impose on the ground, which will never come to be, God willing. We call on the whole nation to join the Muslim Brotherhood in announcing their wrath and condemnation of the Israeli attacks, and declaring full support for the Palestinian resistance, in popular protest marches and demonstrations, after Friday prayers, on 16 November 2012.'
The statement further called on Arab and Muslim leaders "to play their role in supporting the Palestinian cause and to help stop the bloodshed' Also it said that 'all national political forces must consider all ways and procedures to support our Palestinian brothers, such as economic boycott, popular rejection, increasing public awareness of the truth about the Palestinian issue, and supporting the resistance alternative and the right of return of all Palestinian refugees. All international institutions must play the roles they are tasked with, to protect innocent Palestinians.' added the statement.
On Monday, dozens of protesters gathered at Talaat Harb Square in Cairo to protest the attacks. The protest was orgaized by various political groups, including the Egyptian Popular Current of Nasserist Hamdeen Sabbahi.


Daniella van den Akker said...

Abu, ik kan me niet aan de indruk onttrekken dat Israel bewust Egypte uitdaagt. Een excalatie uitlokt (bijna?) Sinds Mubarak weg is is het geweld in Gaza slechts toegenomen. Graag je mening. groet, Daniella

Abu Pessoptimist said...

Daniella, Ik geloof dat ze denken dat Egypte er iet zoveel toe doet, dat het wel weer zal loslopen, of zo, zoals tot nu toe eigenlijk altijd. Ik denk dat ze dan dit keer lelijk ongelijk zullen krijgen. De geloofwaardigheid va Morsi staat op het spel èn de Egyptische straat (niet alleen de Ikhwan) pikt het niet langer.

Daniella van den Akker said...