Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Links for the past week

Jadaliyya about the former Moroccan opposition, now goverment party:
From Opposition to Puppet: Morocco’s Party of Justice and Development

Adam Shatz about the latest Israeli campaign in Gaza, Pillar of Cloud: 
Why Israel Didn't Win (originally written for the London Review of Books).

Nadia Hijab of Al-Shabaka over the outcome of 'Gaza':
Gaza Fallout Weakens Israel, Strengthens Nationalists

Gaza specialist Sara Roy in the Boston Globe:
Where’s our humanity for Gaza?

Jewish Peace activist Emily Hauser in The Daily Beast about all those years during which Irael made so many victims: 
Incompetence Or Indifference?

And about Syria and the advances the Rebel forces booked:
Will Assad Soon Abandon the North to Rebel Control 

And Alain Gresh about the Egyptian President Morsi's recent Constitutional Declaration (in French):
Egypte, vers une dictature des Frères?

And Issander el-Amrani in the NYtimes about thy mitakes of both Morsi and the opposition:
Morsi's Law
(I agree completely with his viewpoint).

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Anonymous said...

er zou een soort nationaal debat moeten komen met de MB. De angst voor de MB is m.i. de onderliggende reden voor het op de spits drijven van de situatie. Weg met de MB is verbindende factor op Tahrir. groet, Daniella