Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life of Egyptian blogger on hungerstrike may be seriously in danger

The chances that blogger Maikel Nabil is going to survive are becoming slimmer by the day. Nabil (26) has been on a hunger strike since 23 August and his medical condition seems to be quite serious. Reporters Without Borders said Nabil was suffering from renal problems, anaemia and scabies, and that he had been denied a medical check.
Nabil was sentenced in April to three years for insulting the army and spreading false information. He had accused the army of  not being behind the revolution and of torturing people they had arrested. What he wrote on his blog can still be read here. Maikel was the first blogger to be tried by a military court after the fall of Mubarak. 
Today Maikel's case was to be reviewed by a court of appeal, but the case was adjourned for three weeks, because one of the files of the case failed to arrive in time. His brother said that the delay may cause Maikel's death. "This is a death sentence for Maikel because he said if he weren't released on 4 October he'd refuse water," he told the BBC.
The prolongation of the state of emergency and the trials by military courts are a serious problem between the military ryulers of the Supreme Council of the Armed Foirces (SCAF) and alomost all political forces in Egypt. Human Rights Watch says almost 12,000 civilians have been brought before military tribunals since January - more than the total number of cases during Mr Mubarak's 30 year rule.

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