Friday, July 26, 2013

Court orders detention of Morsi over accusations of collaboration with Hamas

president Mohamed Morsi (Photo: Reuters)

A top Egyptian court has ordered the detention of ousted president Mohamed Morsi for 15 days pending investigations into his suspected collaboration with Palestinian Islamist group Hamas. 
Morsi is accused of collaborating with Hamas to escape from Wadi El-Natroun Prison and destroy prison records during the 2011 uprising; collaborating with Hamas to attack police stations during the uprising; the intentional killing and abduction of police officers and prisoners during the uprising, and espionage.The alleged crimes are being investigated by a Cairo court that was tasked with determining how inmates – including Mohamed Morsi and other senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood – escaped from prison in late January 2011 during the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.Brotherhood spokesman Ahmed Aref said the decision by the investigating judge to detain Morsi was at the behest of the armed forces due to the pressures they are facing to release Morsi. Leading Brotherhood member Essam El-Erian said the decision to detain Morsi showed Egypt has a true "fascist military regime."
 Hamas also criticised the decision to detain Morsi. "Hamas condemns this move since it is based on the premise that the Hamas movement is hostile," spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP. Mohamed Morsi has been held incommunicado at a secret location since he was removed from the presidency by the army on 3 July following mass nationwide protests.

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