Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bomb in S-Beirut

At least 53 people were wounded after a bomb exploded Tuesday morning in a parking lot in the densely-populated area of the Shiite southern suburb of Bierut, Dahiyeh. Hizbollah's Al-Manar television station said the explosion was from a car rigged with explosives stationed in a public parking lot of the Islamic Coop supermarket. The blast came on a busy shopping day on the eve of  Ramadan. At least a dozen cars in the parking lot caught fire.
Of the 53 people who were admitted to hospitals, 41 have been released while another 12 are still receiving treatment, Minister of Health Ali Khalil told reporters.
It remains unclear who was behind Tuesday's blast, but there is no shortage of suspects. Hezbollah MP Ali Ammar pointed the finger at Israel, whose 34-day on Lebanon in 2006 reduced much of Dahiyeh to rubble.
But Salafi radicals affiliated with Syria's anti-government rebels are also suspected to have been behind a series of recent attacks on Lebanon. (Picture AFP)

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