Monday, October 22, 2012

Links for the past week

Some links for articles I would recommend: 

Must read for anyone who still thinks that Israel 'always wanted peace but never found a partner at the other side'. In Foreign Policy Stephen Walt shreds the myth of the peace loving Israel to pieces.    What's going on in Israel? 
Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad in a courageous piece -  also in Foreign policy:
 'Yes, I'm a blasphemer'

Joshua Landis gives a remarkable advise on his blog 'Syria Comment'
The US  must Supply anti-Aircraft Missiles to the Syrian Opposition

Writer/lawyer Raja Shehadeh in The New York Times about a meeting about the ;Nakba' organised by the Israeli Zochrot movement: The Nakba, Then and Now 
'Yerachmiel Kahanovich described how he had dug a hole in the wall of the Dahmash Mosque in   the center of Lydda, where more than 150 Palestinians had taken shelter, and shot an anti-tank shell through it. Asked what had happened to the Palestinians, he said they were all crushed against the walls by the pressure from the blast.' 

Al Monitor translated this from the Lebanese paper As-Safir (18 October):
Iran’s Man in Damascus Says Tehran Supports UN's Cease-Fire Initiative

And also this:
Syria Turns to Iran for Electricity, Leaves Regional Power Grid

As'ad Abu-Khalil (also known als Angry Arab) provides some sobering background information about a man who was turned into a hero after he had been killed by a car bomb. 
Car bom in Beirut: Wissam al-Hassan

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