Wednesday, October 24, 2012

King Abdullah: 'Ruling Jordan is a sacrifice'


  King Abdullah of Jordan his told his subjects on Tuessday that he or his family was never after the power, but that ruling Jordan was 'a sacrifice'.
 “Governing, for us Hashemites, was never at any point a gain that we sought, but rather a responsibility, a duty and a sacrifice that we have been carrying out in the service of this nation and in defence of its causes and interests — a cause to which we have offered many martyrs,” said the King.
“Governing was never for us about holding a monopoly over authority, nor about power and its tools, but about supporting state institutions run by Jordanians from all segments of society, according to the provisions of our Constitution.'
Abdullah said this on Tuesday in a speech for  more than 3,000 personalities in which he urged all political parties and forces to take part in the upcoming legislative elections of 23 January. Abdullah, who is not really the brightest of personalities, told his audience that 'the next Parliament will determine the formation of the new parliamentary government, and with it the future of political reforms and socio-economic policies'. To that he added more hollow niceties , to the tune of “If you want to change Jordan for the better, there is a chance, and that chance is the upcoming election, and there is a way, and that way is through the next Parliament.” 
All this was said amidst demonstrations that go on and off in Jordan since months, during which demands are heard for real reform and changes of the constitution towards real democracy. It's highly improbable that many people will have been impressed by his majesty's banalities. But that ruling Jordan in fact is a sacrifice may have been a revelation to many among them. 

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