Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Landmark buildings disappear with alarming speed from Egypt's big cities

  The Cicurel Villa in Alexandria that is no more.

Al Ahram Online carries an article about the demolition of the above villa in Alexandria, the former possession of the Cicurel family, a Sephardic Jewish family that once founded the most famous warehouses in Egypt. The article underlines the dangers that threaten many of Egypt's most beautiful landmarks. Also in the Garden City area in Cairo villa after villa has been demolished in the past years. The article warns: 

"The minute Cicurel Villa witnesses its fatal end, we are all doomed," is a sentiment often heard uttered by Alexandrians witnessing the heartless end of one of Egypt's historic artistic buildings. Outrage is spreading on social media networks. "It is estimated that more than 50 historic palaces and villas in only Roushdy, Kafr Abdou and Zizynia districts have been bulldozed in the past 14 months," explained Abdel Haleem Nour El Deen, ex-treasurer of the Supreme Council of Antiques and head of the Egyptian Architecture Society.
Despite all calls and marches in Alexandria against the demolition action (including the creation of a Facebook page called "We won't let Alexandria come into ruins") Decree No 86 was issued by Kamal El-Ganzoury to remove Cicurel Villa from the list of "must be preserved" heritage sites in the city.
It is devastating to see our historic and fine architecture decimated in less than 15 months.

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