Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At least 11 dead after thugs attack Salafist protest near Egyptian Defense ministry

Photo AP

Updated:  The Egyptian ministry of  Health has confirmed that at least 11 people were killed and 49  injured in the clashes that took place early Wednesday morning between protesters who have been camping outside the Ministry of defence in Abbasyia, Cairo and plain clothed, unknown thugs.
Unconfirmed reports coming from the field hospitals in the area speaks about a death toll that reached up to 20 and over 60 injured.
Tahrir Doctors, a group of doctors who provide free medical care to protesters, released a statement earlier  Wednesday morning, confirming the death of two people who had been shot in the head with live ammunition. Several demonstrators suffered from birdshots in the eyes and even more of birdshot in other parts of the face. The report added that this was just a preliminary estimate.
The demonstrators had been camping near the headquarters of the defence ministry for the past four days in an protest against the disqualification of Salafist Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail from the presidential race. The
The assailants attacked the protesters in the early hours of Wednesday with cement-based bombs, stones, molotov, birdshot guns and teargas canisters.It was the second attack in less than 72 hours. A similar attack Saturday left one protester dead and tens injured.

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