Thursday, May 31, 2012

Israeli AG drops case against rabbis who wrote book that incited to kill 'gentiles'

Rabbi Shapira during a court hearing in 2011
The Israeli attorney general Yehuda Weinstein, announced this Monday that he is dropping the case against the rabbis Yizhak Shapira, Yoseph Elizur, Dov Lior and Yizhak Ginzburg, writes Yossi Gurvitz on +972. The first two rabbis wrote a book called “Torat Ha’Melech” (The King’s Bible) two years ago, the two others endorsed it. All four are rabbis in the service of the state and connected to the yeshiva (institute for religious learning) in the settlement Yitzhar near Nablus, which is notorious for its violence against surrounding Palestinian villages. Dov Lior is moreover the chief rabbi of the settlements in Hebron

One of the themes of the book was that killing your enemies is allowed. In a  notorious paragraph it even claims that:

Rabbi Yosef Elitzur in court
there is reason to believe harming children, if there is reason to think they will grow up to harm us, is permitted; and in such a case, the harm should be directed specifically at them, and not just while harming grown-ups.
For “harm,” read “kill,” Gurvitz writes. And: There’s much more there, including permission to kill any gentile which does not follow the “Laws of the Sons of Noah,” which conveniently enough encompasses the vast majority of mankind, if by killing that gentile you intended to punish him for not following a divine mandate he was not aware of. All Christians, pagans and atheists are ipso facto non-Noah-observant, and can be slain at will.
The reason  Attorney General Weinstein gave for his decision not press charges was that while Torat Ha’Melech contained severe racist terms, he did not have grounds for conviction, since the rabbis couched their incitement to racism in religious terms. Weinstein wrote that the law specifically exempted “religious studies” from prosecution.
Distressing idea, the most blatant racism is allowed in Israel as long as it is couched in religious terms.

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