Saturday, April 17, 2010

Protests against namesgiving of 'Ésplanade Ben Gurion' in Paris

A namesgiving ceremony on Friday at the banks of the Seine in Paris in the presence of Israeli president Shimon Peres drew some protests. The new name is Esplanade Ben Gurion and the comments in the video speak for themselves. The blog Jews sans frontières called it the 'ethnic cleansing promenade' and  said that it was a reminiscense of France's own colonial past and days of white supremacy. It added:
"Ben Gurion" is the figure of speech, Palestine is its literal referent, Jacques Massu is its allegorical meaning and the Marechal Pétain is its timeless eschaton. From now on, never visit Paris without a stroll on the Esplanade Marechal Pétain. 
Quite bitter.

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