Monday, April 12, 2010

After three years the clothes arrive in Gaza..... damaged beyond repair

Gaza merchants were relieved last week when Israeli officials announced an easing of a ban on clothing items that would soon be permitted to enter the Strip; stocks relegated to strorage units in Ashdod since 2007 were finally set to be transferred in. However, when merchants recieved the goods on Thursday, they were damaged beyond repair.
Khan Younis clothing retailer Khaled Abu Sahlul said he was devastated when he unpacked a container of jeans stored in Ashdod since 2007. "I was shocked when I opened the containers, the jeans had been left out in the rain for days, months, maybe even years and were damaged beyond repair."
Abu Sahul estimated that 80% of his order was not fit for sale, "What am I going to do with 35,000 pairs of soiled jeans?" he asked.
In addition to the cost of the clothing, Abu Sahul said he paid 1,700 shekels (461 US dollars) per month over the last year to store the merchandise. "I thought I was paying that much to make sure the clothes were out of the rain," he said.
The merchant estimated his losses at more than half a million shekels (136,000 US dollars), and despairs at the thought that the nine other containers he is still paying to store in Ashdod are similarly ruined.
Palestinian crossings liaison officer in Gaza Raed Fattouh said officials in Ramallah sent a letter of protest to Israeli officials. The letter demanded compensation for the damages, as well as storage fees for Abu Sahlul and dozens of other merchants, but Fattouh was not optimistic that shop owners would see reparations in the near future.

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