Friday, April 9, 2010

Netanyahu cancels participation in nucleair summit out of fear fo new clash with Obama

 Laura Rozen has another of her useful and bright reports on her Politico blog.
She and her collegue Josh Gerstein report that Bibi Netanyahu did not cancel his particpation in the summit against the spread of nucleair weapons because of news that Arabic states wanted to confront Israel with the fact that it never adhered to the Non Proliferation Treaty. News about that was not new, it was widely expected. The true reason that Netanyahu stays at home and sends deputy prime-minister Dan Meridor instead, seems to be connected to what the New York Times and Washington Post published, namely that Obama was going to present him with his own detailed plan about how to get the 'proximity talks' between Israel and the Palestinians started. 
Rozen continues: 

Some analysts were skeptical about the official Israeli explanation since the potential for Israel to face such questions about its nuclear program has been widely known and openly discussed since Obama announced plans for the summit early last year.

Netanyahu’s about-face came as the New York Times and Washington Post published accounts suggesting that Obama was considering presenting its own detailed peace proposal to Israel and the Palestinians if so-called proximity talks the U.S. is trying to conduct fail.

“Having just had this brouhaha with Obama, and having failed to resolve it, Bibi may well be on the hook for an answer” to U.S. demands on the peace process, veteran U.S. Middle East peace negotiator Aaron David Miller said. “He decided basically I think to pass…He didn’t want another lecture from the Secretary of State.” [...]

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