Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Palestinian kiled in fire fight near Ramallah

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian in armed clashes north of Ramallah on Tuesday evening, with two others injured during an exchange of fire. He was the 89th Palestinian killed since 1 October.
Israel's army said that shots were fired at an Israeli military patrol near Ramallah, with soldiers returning fire and shooting an assailant. Three armed Palestinians had reportedly exited a vehicle near an Israeli military patrol and opened fire at soldiers near Turmus Ayya, north of Ramallah.Two Palestinians were injured in the gun battle and detained by Israeli forces.Israeli soldiers prevented a Red Crescent ambulance from reaching the scene of the incident, a Ma'an reporter said, with the main Ramallah-Nablus road closed by Israel's military.
The victim, identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as Muhammad Munir Hassan Saleh, 24, from Arura village, was reportedly left on the ground for over an hour without being treated by medics.
Israeli forces fired tear gas and stun bomb grenades at local Palestinians who attempted to reach him.
Other news:
Israeli forces, early Monday, demolished nine residential structures and animal barns in Khirbet Jorat, al-Khail and al-Qanub localities, east of Sa‘ir town, to the northeast of Hebron. A correspondence of the Plaetinian press agency WAFA said that Israeli bulldozers, escorted by Israeli forces, broke into Khirbet Jorat al-Khail locality, where they tore down five tents. Bulldozers also broke into al-Qanub locality and tore down four residential structures and animal barns.
Two of the owners were identified as Na‘im and Muhammad al-Shalalda.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the construction of 454 new settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem, lifting a freeze on their construction in place since 2013, Israeli officials were reported as saying Tuesday.
Unnamed officials told Reuters and Associated Press that Netanyahu had approved 436 housing units in the illegal settlement of Ramat Shlomo in northern East Jerusalem, and another 18 homes in nearby Ramot.The homes in Ramat Shlomo were among 1,500 homes first announced in 2010 during a visit by US Vice President Joe Biden to Israel.The announcement caused a diplomatic rift between the US and Israel, and Netanyahu later froze the housing project in a bid to improve relations.

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