Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday: 8 Israelis wounded, 2 Palestians killed, one a brother of a taxidriver killed five days ago

The car with which Fadi Khassib crashed into a bus stop at Kfar Adumim. 

A Palestinian was shot and killed on Friday after a vehicle attack in Beit Ummar which left six Israeli soldiers injured. An Israeli army spokesperson said that six Israeli soldiers were injured in a "car ramming" in Beit Ummar north of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. The area was closed off following the attack. The victim was identified as Omar Arafat Issa al-Zaaqiq, 19. Four soldiers were moderately injured and two suffered light injuries.
 OmarZaqiq was the second Palestinian killed on Friday.  Earlier the 25-year old Fadi Khassib from Ramallah was killed after a suspected car attack near the settlement of Kfar Adumim.
The Israeli news site YNet reported it under the headline ''Soldiers wounded in verhicular attack near Ma'ale Adumim''. Two soldiers were lightly wounded, according to YNet, after Khassib attempted to run them over at a bus stop. Witnesses said that the attacker's vehicle, rented in Ramallah the previous day, came down the road from Jerusalem and smashed into the bus stop where the soldiers were standing, hitting the concrete barriers placed there to stop such attacks. As a fact of secondary importance YNet mentioned that the attacker was killed. According to the report ''he exited the car and ran towards the soldiers wielding a knife'', but dropped it, but was then ''shot and killed by a civilian who was at the scene''.
The Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported that the killed Fadi Mohammed Mahmoud Khassib was the brother of the taxi driver Shadi Khassib, who five days ago was also killed by a settler, after he collided with him in his car on the road Ramallah-Jericho at the same spot near Kfar Adumim. When Shadi got out of his taxi to look what the damage of the collision was, the settler shot him dead. The army afterwards said that Shadi wanted to attack the settler with a knife.
The two Palestinians killed on Friday were 103rd and 104th to be killed since 1 October.

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