Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wave of arrests among Israeli Palestinians reaches 378 people in Galilea and the Negev

The protests in Israels Palestinian areas continue. Hundreds protested on Wednesday 9 July in Nazareth against the ongoing killing of Palestinians in Gaza. (Photo Arab 48)

The number of  Israeli Palestinians, the Palestinians inside Israel proper, whom Isarel has arrested  in relation to a wave of demonstrations and clashes in East-Jerusalem and about all of Israels Arab cities, towns has risen to 370, the site Arab 48 reports. Of these 44 were arrested overnight or in the course of today,  Thursday. As I, the writer of the blog, heard from arrests that are not mentioned in the report, it is possible that the number is even higher than 378.
The ''demonstrations of anger'' in the Palestinian areas started on 5 July (link in Dutch) in East-Jerusalem, as a protest against the murder on the boy Muhammad Abu Khdeir and the situation of the Palestinians in general. They quickly spread out to the cities and towns in what Israel calls the ''Triangle'' and the north of Galilea. Later on also the Bedouin areas in the Negev joined in the protests.   
On 7 July  the site Arab 48  reported that Israel arrested 110 Palestinians across Israel, among whom were Murad Haddad of the politburo of the Balad (Tagammu) party and Rajaa Aghbariyye, the secretary-general of the Abnaa al-Balad (Sons/daughters of the Land) Movement (Aghbariyye later on got a week house arrest).
Now the same site reports that the number of people arrested as off today has risen to 378. Of these 122 were arrested in the Jerusalem area (including 28 minors) , 63 in the Negev (including 11 who are under 18), 122 in the north of Galilea (including 29 minors), and 81 in what the site calls the Sahel, which includes the Wadi Ara (here the number of minors is seven).
The wave of arrests is unprecedented among the Palestinian population, at least since 2000 when thousands of them demonstrated against the harsh way Israel reacted to the Second intifada and Israel killed 13 of them in a demonstration in Umm al Fahm. Arab 48 mentions that a number of the 378 detainees are in several stages of procedures that the state brought against them.

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