Monday, July 28, 2014

Gaza 2014: ''If you'd looked your victim in the eye...''

This is just too terrible, there is only room here for tears and helpless rage.
Or maybe these words by Mahmoud Darwish

To a Killer:
If you had looked your victim in the eye,
perhaps you’d have remembered your mother in the gas chamber,
perhaps you’d have changed your mind
and set yourself free from the logic of the gun.
This is no way to claim your ‘real identity’.
            *                      *                      *
To another Killer:
If you’d left that unborn child
thirty more days in his mother’s womb
just think what could have happened:
the occupation over, this child
would have forgotten the siege,
would grow up healthy and strong,
studying Asia’s ancient history 
next to one of your daughters at college,
where maybe they’d fall in love,
and have a little girl, a Jewess by birth.
Look what you’ve done!
You’ve made your own daughter a widow,
you’ve turned your own granddaughter into an orphan!
See how you’ve ruined your family-to-come!
Look how you’ve killed three birds with one bullet!

Mahmoud Darwish (from the poem A State of Siege)

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