Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Links for the past few days

Before the trip of president Obama to the Holy Land Rashid Khalidi wrote an important OpEd in The New York Times
Is Any Hope Left for Mideast Peace?

The Guardian featured a video about developments in Jerusalem's neighbourhood Sheikh Jarrah:
My Neighbourhood, A Palestinian Boy's View of Israeli Settlements

In Al-Ahram Online an article about new archeological discoveries, this time concerning the Hyksos: 
Hyksos buildings are the latest ancient discovery in Tel Habuwa

Egypt Independent had a meeting - there he is again - with professor Rashid Khalidi  on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Khalidi talks about the effects of literally taking the Iraqi state apart.

The blog Syria Comment features an interesting discussion between Koert Debeuff  and Aron Lund (one of the most knowledgeable men at present when it comes down to Syria) about the existence of the FSA. Debeuff says 'the' Free Syrian Army exists as such, Lund says it does not.   

The same blog: background of the new 'provisional' prime minister of the Syrian opposition, Ghasssan Hitto. I would not put my money on this man.    

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