Monday, March 11, 2013

'Iron Dome system intercepted no more than 5%'

An Israeli missile is launched from the Iron Dome defence missile system,
The Iron Dome (AFP)

"Iron Dome’s intercept rate, defined as destruction of the rocket's warhead, was relatively low, perhaps as low as 5%, but could well be lower."
This astonishing figure, which casts a shadow of doubt on the figures published by the Israel Defense Forces regarding the Iron Dome missile defense system, was suggested by Professor Theodore Postol, a world-renowned scientist and expert in missile defense.
Postol, and two other rocket scientists, Dr. Mordechai Shefer, formerly of Rafael, and D., a scientist who until recently worked for Raytheon, the manufacturer of PATRIOT missiles, investigated the performance of Iron Dome during Operation Pillar of Defense and all reached similar conclusions: Iron Dome’s rate of success did not come close to the figure of 84% as reported by the IDF. According to the three scientists, who conducted their research separately by analyzing dozens of videos filmed during the operation, most of the explosions which look as if they were successful interceptions, are actually just the self-destruction of the Iron Dome’s own missiles.
 The scientists also discovered that 3,200 civilian damage reports were filed for destruction caused by incoming rockets. It is impossible, claim the scientists, that the 58 rockets that weren’t intercepted – the number reported by the IDF – could have caused damage on such a large scale. Also, Israel Police reported that it dealt with 109 cases of rockets falling in populated areas, which is almost double the figure reported by the IDF.
 While it is difficult to stomach such harsh criticism of the army’s figures, the scientists’ claims should not be ignored without remembering the aftermath of the Gulf War. Initial reports following that conflict claimed a 96% rate of success for Patriot missiles. Later, an extensive study carried out by Professor Postol revealed that the rate of success was actually zero.

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