Thursday, January 31, 2013


A few links for the past week or days:

Food for thought about the French intervention in Mali. Nasser Weddady paints the background to the anger of the Touareg:  
A Disaster 50 Years in the Making

Joel Beinin writes on Jadaliya that the January 25 Revolution is not over. Rather, it has not yet occurred.
 Was there a 25 January Revolution?

Richard Silverstein explains the idea away that Israel's elections brought the centre to power
Why Yair Lapid’s Electoral Success Is Not Really a Centrist Victory

Israel boycots UN Human Rights Review, a novum
Israel Skips U.N. Review on Rights, a New Move

Paul Woodward about the embarrassing hearing in the U.S. Senate of  a candidate secretary of Defense. Israel was mentioned 136 times,. Iran 135 x: 
How the Israel lobby’s toadies savaged Hagel

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