Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Again clashes at Tahrir, women march against the army

Egypt continues to amaze. After five days of violence by the army, all of a sudden there appears thess women, marching unto Tahrir, strongly protesting the violence and demanding that the army relinquishes power.

Violent clashes between protesters and joint forces from the Egyptian Army and police re-erupted in Tahrir Square at the crack of dawn Tuesday, with four deaths reported. Security forces tried and failed to evacuate Tahrir.At some point, the security forces managed to force protesters back towards the Egyptian Museum. Eventually, however, the soldiers regrouped at their position behind the concrete wall erected across El-Sheikh Rihan Street, which leads to the Ministry of Interior.
Yamen El Genedy, a doctor at the Omar Makram Mosque field hospital, told Ahram Online that he saw four people admitted at 8 this morning. All of them had been shot dead. "The bullets had entered and exited their bodies, making it seem like the result of snipers. The force of the gunshots was very strong," said El Genedy. One of the deaths, he added, was a 19-year-old.Another field hospital doctor, Ahmed Saad, told AP that a 15-year-old protester was in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound in the attack. No deaths have been officially reported.The Ministry of Health announced that 32 people were injured in the recent violence, four of whom were hospitalised. Ambulances, on standby throughout near the square, ferried the injured to nearby hospitals.
 Another picture of the march of the women. These ones carry the by now notorious picture of the young woman who was beaten, kicked and almost undressed by the military.

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