Friday, November 4, 2011

Syria accepted Arab League plan but killings continue: 19 dead on Friday

One of many video's of Friday's protests circulating on the internet. This is one is from Jiza in the Deraa governorate. The protesters chant 'Syria don't be afraid, Assad will be like Qadhafy.'

 Syrian security forces killed at least 19 people and wounded dozens as they attacked protesters after Friday prayers. The actions by the government troops casted doubt on whether the Arab League plan, that Syria earlier said it had accepted, will effectively put an end to months of bloodshed.
The government offered an amnesty to anyone with weapons if they reported to police within a week, "as long as they did not commit any crimes of killing," state television reported. This offer was  not included in the Arab League plan which Syria accepted on Wednesday. Provisions that were part of the plan were a withdrawal of the  army from the cities, the freeing of political prisoners and the start of a dialogue between government and opposition within two weeks.
Troops fired on protests that erupted after Friday prayers in many towns, killing at least seven people in Kanaker, south of Damascus, nine in the city of Homs, where tanks were again in action, and one in Saqba, near the capital, activists said.
Another two protesters were killed in the city of Hama, 240 km (155 miles) north of Damascus, when security forces fired at several thousand protesters who tried to march to the main Orontes square, scene of big demonstrations before tanks stormed the city three months ago, they said.
"Lots of people fell on the ground with bullet wounds and we are afraid some will not make it," Mohammed, a Kanaker resident, said by telephone.
Citing activists in Kanaker, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a 20-year-old soldier mutinied while his unit was firing on protesters in the town and killed five members of the security forces, including a colonel, before he was shot dead.

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