Sunday, November 27, 2011

ElBaradei willing to lead government of national salvation

El Masry el Youm reports that presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei issued a statement Saturday night declaring his willingness to head a 'national salvation government' if he was asked officially to do so and was given full powers. ElBaradei’s statement came after revolutionary groups and Tahrir protesters had named a national salvation government to replace the military council in ruling the transitional period with ElBaradei at its head. Others to take part in the government include two other presidential candidates: Abdel Moneim Abdoul Fotouh (moderate Islamist), Hamdeen Sabbahi (Nasserist Karameh Party). Also proposed as canddates for this government are Al-Ahram economics journalist Ahmed El-Naggar, and Judge Ashraf Baroudy.
ElBaradei says in the statement that, if assigned officially to form the government, he will withdraw from the presidential race "to ensure confidence and total neutrality in his leadership of the transitional period."
ElBaradei's statement highlights the divisions between the revolutionaries at Tahrir and the military who have named Kamal al-Ganzouri (78) as the new prime minister with the task to form a new government. Al-Ganzouri started to consult with candidates in the National Planning Institute, as the entrance to the government offices is still being blocked by a sit in. This sit in was started Friday evening, immediately after the SCAF appointed Al-Ganzouri. On Saturday a 19-old protesrter was illed by a heavy CSF-truck that overrran him. The ministry of the Interior issued a statement that it was an accident.
Ganzouri was willing to include some of the young revolutionairies in his government, but the 6 April Movement and the Revolution Youth Coalition said in separate statements that none of them have attended El-Ganzouri’s meeting with some youth, by the end of which his suggestion was made. El-Ganzouri also said that he was willing to form a consultancy council that includes presidential hopefuls Mohamed ElBaradei, Hazem Salah Abou-Ismail and others proposed by Tahrir Square protesters for a national salvation government, according to Al Ahram Online. But both Youth Movements also reiterated their demand to appoint a national salvation government and said that there was no alternative. It is expected that this demand will be accompanied by another mass demonstration at Tahrir Square on Sunday.
AFP reported that Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi warned on Sunday that no one will be allowed to pressure the armed forces. He also asked Mohamed ElBaradei and another Presindetial canidadate, Amr Moussa, to support newly appointed prime minister Kamal El-Ganzouri, after he had had a breief meeting with already on Saturday. Tantawi, who is expetected to give a press conference later,  also confirmed that parliamentary elections will take place as scheduled. Tomorrow sees polls open in the first round of six, covering both upper and lower houses of parliament.

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