Friday, November 25, 2011

Big demonstration on Tahrir, Egypte gets 'two governments'

Tahrir on Friday 25 November. The square does not need the Muslim Brotherhood to make its point vis à vis the military. The main demand is for the SCAF to go and the  picture speaks for itself. Al-Ahram Online which gives live updates (here) says that also demonstrations take place in Alexandria, Mansoura and Damanhour in the delta, as well as in Miniya, Assiut, Sohaq and Luxor in Upper Egypt and in Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai.
In the meantime there's also a big demonstration being held in the Abassiya district of pro-SCAF people who want the military to stay and who shout anti-Tahrir slogans ( the picture was tweeted by CNN's Ben Wedemann).  

AP reports that Kamal al-Ganzoury, the man who was appointed by the SCAF to be Egypt's new prime minister, in spite of demands by the opposition for an immediate transfer of power,  gave a press conference Friday afternoon, in which he said that the military had given him greater powers than his predecessor Al- Sharaf. Ganzouri said Friday that Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi has no intention of staying in power and he would not have accepted the job if that was the case. In the televised news conference, the 78-year-old prime minister looked uncomfortable, grasping for words and repeatedly pausing. He sayd he won't be able to form a government before parliamentary elections start on Monday, and asked for time. Some 2000 protesters assembled in front of the offices of the cabinet near Tahrir, and tried to prevent that Al-Ganzoury entered the building.

The appointment of Ganzoury by the SCAF was, as expected, immediately rejected by the protesters on Tahrir as an extremely provocative move in view of the demand that the military relinquish power immediately.  Representatives of several oppositional and youth movements named their own government of 'national salvation', later that  Friday afternoon. Their  government is led by  former IAEA head Mohamed El-Baradei, with two other presidential hopefulls, Hamdeen Sabahi, leader of the Nasserist Karama Party, and Abdel-Moneim Aboul-Futtouh of the islamist Wasat party as Deputy Prime Ministers. Two other members of the proposed Baradei cabinet which were name by consensus were Ahram economic journalist, Ahmed El-Naggar, and Judge Ashraf Baroudy. 

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