Saturday, June 4, 2011

Opposition victorious in second Yemeni city of Taiz

Tribes that shield the protesters in Yemen's second city Taiz, clash with troops of Ali Abdallah Saleh.

Fighting was very heavy on Saturday in Taiz., but the news at the end of that day was that the government troops withdrew and that the opposition took over several buildings.There is as yet  no news about causalties  The protesters together with the tribes that protected then ar now in the process of frming a committee that is going to rule the governorate. Details and names are not yet known.

Hadda, the area in San'a where the presidential palace is and where several Al-Ahmar bothers have residences, is bombarded from the surrounding hills  

Ten people were killed and 35 others injured in southern Sanaa on Friday as Yemeni troops shelled the home of Hamid al-Ahmar, the brother of Sadiq al-Ahmar, Hamid's office said on Saturday.
Hamid, a prominent businessman, is a leader of Yemen's biggest opposition party, Al-Islah (reform).
The shelling in Hada neighbourhood also targeted the homes of two of Sadiq's other brothers, Hemyar and Mizhij, and that of general Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, the dissident commander of the 1st armourd divison of the army. .
On Saturday, sources said the powerful Yemeni tribal federation battling Saleh's security forces and forces loyal to him agreed to abide to a Saudi-brokered one-week truce.

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