Friday, June 3, 2011

Saleh's forces open fire at encampments on Change Square in Sana'a amid heavy fighting elsewhere

The building of Yemenia, the Yemeni national airline, caught fire on Thursday evening.

Various Yemeni sources report that on Thursday forces of president Ali Abdallah Saleh opened fire on the protesters who camp in Change Square in Sana'a. Snipers fired at the square from the roof of the Justice ministry at the east, others opened fore from other sides. An as yet unknown number of people has been wounded. In order to get an idea what they are fring on, look at the video under this posting, which starts with images from the encampments on the square by day. Here now a video from how it looked during the night, with the sounds of shots fired from nearby: 

The attacks started during a night when unusual heavy fighting broke out, heavier than the days before. A huge fire started in the Yemenia building in the Hasaba area. The Yemen Post wrote earlier that huge explosions are shaking Yemen's capital Sana'a, the battlefield for fierce clashes between the army and tribal fighters loyal to Sadeq Al-Ahmer, the sheikh of the Hashed tribes. According to the paper they are the biggest sofar since the clashes between both sides erupted early last week. Cannons and tanks were shelling positions of the tribal fighters in Al-Hasaba and nearby areas and that military vehicles are heading to the house of Al-Ahmar, whose office denied on Thursday the army had retaken public offices.
Earlier Thursday an official at the Interior Ministry said the army retook public offices that were seized by Al-Ahmer's loyalists including ministries.
" We already recovered the ministries of Local Administration and Trade and Industry, the permanent committee of the ruling party and other offices," the official said, as he pointed to continuous battles at the Interior Ministry.
Families have fled the district, and today Sana'a International Airport suspended flights due to the intensifying battles that triggered countries to urge their citizens to leave the country.
During the past two days, the republican guard shelled the first armoured division, whose commander,general Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar once a close ally of President Saleh, announced his support to the popular uprising in March.
Video from Change Square:

Note that horrifying pictures of the butchery in Taiz, earlier this week, are included in the video. These are really beyond imagination. For more about this  look  down at my earlier posting about Taiz. 
It is incomprehensible that the world remains completely inactive vis a vis crimes of a magnitude as committed in Taiz. Let's hope that the story is not going to be repezted by Saleh in Sana'a...

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