Sunday, June 5, 2011

The not so open border crossing at Rafah

This speaks for itself. Palestinians from Gaza testify how 'open' the Rafah crossing into Egypt really is, just one week after Egypt 'lifted the restrictions' and opened the gates under the eyes of the world press.

(I have to add - since it is not mentioned in the video - that men in the age 18 - 40 need a visa before they are allowed into Egypt, which they have to get from Ramallah (where they cannot get of course as it means that they have to travel entals travelling through Israel) and that goods in general still have to be deliverd through the border crossing at the Israeli side).
(thx Trees)    

Update: On Saturday the gate was closed altogether. On Sunday the Egyptians announced that 350 people would be let through, whereupon Gaza closed the gate in protest..

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