Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wael: the 'face' of Egypt's revolution

The story could be presented under the headline: how a Google manager became a symbol of Egypt's awakenig and uprising against the oppressive and choking Mubarak-regime. Wael Ghoneim, a young marketing expert for Google in the United Arab Emirates, was one of the people who called for the January 25 demonstration which grew out to the beginning of the end for Mubarak.  He was arrested on Thursday. His release became a one of the main demands of the protesters of Tahrir Square. He was released on Monday evening and shortly after he was interviewed on Egypts TV-channel 'Dream TV'. It turned out to be a moving and emotional event, which ended with Wael bursting out in tears after interviewster Mona Shazli  showed him portraits of people who got killed during the protests...

The regime may regret that they set Wael Ghoneim free after all, because overnight he became the 'face' of the uprising. Just when many people in street got fed up with the protests and wanted things to return to normal, Wael became the one who epitomized the wish of millions of young Egyptians for a life of dignity and freedom, a symbol they can identify  with.       .  

(for the translation click on cc in the video)

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