Friday, February 11, 2011

The demands of the Egyptian revolution at Tahrir Square

It seems that the demands of the united front of  the younger protesters at Tahrir  are not widely known. I therefor copy them here: 

1. The resignation of President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak

2. The abolition of Emergency Law

3. Abolition of the State Security Investigation

4. The Declaration of Mr. Omar Soliman’s commitment not to run for the presidency in the upcoming presidential election

5. Resolve the People's Assembly and Shura Council

6. The release of all detained since Jan. 25

7. End the curfew for the return of normal life in all parts of the country

8. Cancellation of the University guards

9. Proper Investigations for those responsible for the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators since January 25, and the bullying that followed the January 28

10. Dismissal of [minister of Information] Anas ElFikky and stop the surge and the threat of treason accusations in the media against the revolution, and stop inciting hatred against foreigners in the streets

11. Compensate shopkeepers for their losses during the curfew

12. Broadcasting the demands above through Radio and Television.

The demands of the transitional period

1. Drafting a new constitution

2. The right to publish newspapers without prior authorization, as well as TV and radio stations

3. Implementation of the rule of the minimum wage in 1200 c – “21 606 administrative rule”

4. The right to form political parties by notice

5. The right to establish trade unions and associations by notifice

6. Achieve true independence of the national newspapers, radio and television stations with all the requisite legislation and restructuring of institutions and ministries

7. Cancel the performance of national service in the police

8. Stop security control over communications and Internet

                                                     (signed: Bloggers from Egypt)

Also it is not generally known that the Youth movements have formed a united command including the 6 April protest movement, the Muslim Brotherhood's youth wing, the Mohamed ElBaradei Support Group, the Young Freedom and Justice Movement and the Democratic Front Party’s youth wing, together with independents. They formed a committee of ten, of which the members are Ahmed Maher and Mahmoud Sami (April 6), Ziad Alimy and Abdel Rahman Samir (Popular Campaign for the Support of Mohammed ElBaradei), Islam Lutfi and Mohammed Abbas (Young Muslim Brothers), Shadi Ghazaly Harb and Amr Salah (The Liberal Front), Khaled Sayed and Mustafa Shawki (Youth for Justice and Freedom), Wael Ghoneim, Sali Mor, Abdel Rahman Fares and Nasser Abdel Hamid (Independents)

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