Saturday, February 26, 2011

Egyptian army removes protest camp at Tahrir

 About 200.000 people have demonstated on Friday on Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo for the Egyptian interim-government to be completely replaced and not partially as has been the case. The military, who had thus far been impartial, for the first time came in action against the protesters, when they attacked several hundreds of people who were setting up camp to spend the night on the small patch of grass in the centre of the square. Around  2am military police attacked with an aim to end the sit-in. According to activists, the military used sticks to beat up the protestors. Some were wounded and others were detained, but were released afterwards.
Anger towards the military was spreaqding online following the attacks and a call has went out for another gathering at Tahrir on Saturday. The military posted an apology on its official Facebook page stating that harassments practiced against activists by military police was unintentional and that no orders were given to attack.

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