Thursday, January 13, 2011

Angry Copts protest shooting in train that left one dead

Funeral of the victim, 71 year old Fathi Mossaad Ebeid.

Hundreds of angry Copts in Cairo have protested on Wednesday evening a shooting incident in the train from the south to Cairo, one Tuesday night whereby a policeman opened fire on Copts killing one man. The protesters cut the Autostrade and Salah Salem Road in Cairo, blocking the traffic for a couple of hours. 
Amn el-merkazy (Central Security) Forces were deployed, according to eyewitnesses, clashing with the protesters descending from the Moqattam hill, home to Cairo's garbage collectors' community. Tear gas was used, and blogger Amr Gharbeia, a resident of Moqattam hill who witnessed the clashes, said he heard automatic gunfire shots in the air. A number of cars have been destroyed.
On Tuesday night, a policeman opened fire on train passengers in the Upper Egyptian town of Samalout, killing one Copt of 71 and injuring at least five Coptic women. The motives of the attack are still unclear.

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