Saturday, January 8, 2011

Algeria: unrest during the night in Constantine, Skikda and Azzaba

The unrest in Algeria is not only continuing, but also spreading. The newspaper Al Watan says that the wilaya (governorate) of Constantine in the East, which had been relatively calm till this moment, lived a night of unrest, much like oin othere parts of the country the night before. Clashes erupted in Hamma Bouziane, in the city Constantine itself and several  other localities.  In Hamma Bouziane roads were barricaced with stones, branches of trees and burning tires. Communal buildings like the buro for the collection of taxes, the train station, and bus stops were attacked. In Zighoud Youssef, the protesters entered the technical high school and threw laptops out of the windows. In in several quarters of the city of Constantine, the situation was similar with roads blocked, tires burning and communal property destroyed.
According to El Watan also in the cities of Skikda and Azzaba, people went to the streets to protest.
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