Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two killed in Baghdad in attacks targeting Christians

At least two Christians were killed and 12 people wounded in a string of six attacks on Christian homes in Baghdad on Thursday. The worst attack was in the central Baghdad district of Al-Ghadir, an area with a significant Christian population. A homemade bomb exploded around 8 in tnhe evening killing the two Christians and wounding three others, including one Christian.
The attacks started at 7:30 pm in six different parts of the capital. Nine Christians were injured.
The Christian community in Baghdad is still in a very gloomy mood after the massacre at the Baghdad cathedral Our Lady of Salvation on October 31. In the attack which was blamed on Al-Qaeda, 44 worshippers and two priests died.
The attack was later claimed by Al-Qaeda affiliate the Islamic State of Iraq, which threatened further attacks on Christians. Ten days later a string of attacks targeted the homes of Christians in Baghdad, killing six people and wounding 33 others.
(Picture: the attack on Our Lady of Salvation cathedral was not the first time a chruch was attacked. On 8 November 2004 two churches were blown up on one day, killing eihht people. On the photo one of them: the Orthodox Church in the Doura neighbourhood. the other one was St Georges Church, a catholic one).  

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