Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alexandria police makes victim for third time in a year

'De martelaar'  Mustafa Attia

Blogster Zeinobia has the facts. After Khaled Said  and  Ahmed Sha'aban
the police in Alexandria has tortured yet another victim to death, the third in less than a year. Police in the district Mina al-Basal arrested the taxi-driver and former owner of a small shop Mustaf Attia. Shortly after that Attia was dead. According to the police he just dropped dead in the street. Two witnesses of what may have happened have been arrested. Mustafa's family was asked to bury Mustafa, a father of three (the oldest 4 years old) quicly, without ceremony. Nobody was allowed to see his body, except a brother, who got only a partial view. 
Zeinoba adds that the police, and some papers, now describe Attia as someone who had committed several crimes. She, however, tells the story that he was indebted after his shop got broke and took a loan from a bank in order to start a life as a taxi driver. He was late in paying back the debt and was sued. Two days before his death he paid the loan off, but unfortunataley the Alexandria police was not informed. It seems that the attorney general in Alexandria, after the story broke, has asked for an autopsy. We'll see.

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