Monday, June 2, 2014

Bassem Youssef's show ''Il-Bernamig'' will not return

Bassem Youssef
Egypt's popular satire show Il-Birnamig hosted by Bassem Youssef will not resume its broadcasts. Youssef made this known in a press conference on Monday.
According to Youssef, the desicion comes after he and his crew realised that it's better to end the show than "offending it". With that he meant that he did not want to compromise it. Like an Egyptian blogger (The Big Pharao) said: ''He could have kissed ass. He could've toned down his show. He could've done what many show hosts do. I am glad he didn't. Respect.''
Another comment, by Michael Hanna, was: ''Egypt keeps sinking.''  And yet another (blogger Zeinobia): "They are afraid that the joker will make fun of the naked emperor.''
Youssef said at the press conference that he and the crew had decided not to accept offers to air the program from outside Egypt.

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