Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hezbollah vows to retaliate for Israeli strike on Nabi Sheet

Hezbollah has announced that it will respond to the recent Israeli attack and denies that anyone was killed, the Lebanese daily Daily Syar reports. Earlier the paper reported that fFour members of Hezbollah were killed in the Israeli airstrike, which targeted a missile shipment from Syria to the Hezbollah post at the Syrian bordere, Nabi Sheet.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, sources told The Daily Star that the airstrike, which took place late Monday evening, was aimed at two trucks, one transferring missiles and the other carrying a missile launcher. The sources said the trucks were heading to Hezbollah’s missile warehouses in Lebanon.
They said the Israeli attack killed four Hezbollah members, but gave no further information.
The Hezbollah affiliated television station Al-Manar downplayed the event.
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday the Jewish state was doing everything needed to protect the country. “We are doing everything that is necessary to defend the security of Israel,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying by AFP.
A security source told The Daily Star Monday that Israeli warplanes had launched four rockets targeting a shipment of “qualitative” weapons in the border area of Janta near the eastern village of Nabi Sheet. Hezbollah has military training camps and important military posts in Nabi Sheet that were established not long after the party was formed in 1982.

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