Sunday, November 3, 2013

Truce in north of Yemen after at least 100 were killed in three days of fighting

A Yemeni military official confirmed on Saturday that a truce had been brokered in Dammaj (northern province of Sa’ada) in between the Houthis (Shiite group) and Salafi militants (Sunni radicals) following over three days of heavy fighting.
Yehia Mansour, member of the presidential committee tasked with negotiating a truce told reporters on Saturday that Sana’a had dispatched two army battalions to keep the peace and ensure that the terms of the negotiated truce will be upheld by both parties.
Serour al-Wadie, a spokesman for the Sunni Salafi movement, confirmed that over 100 of its fighters had died since Wednesday. According to several local reports also many civilians have died since Wednesday.
The fighting started on Wedensdfay. Ansar Allah, the Houthis’ political arm issued a statement that day that the Salafis had transformed their religious centre in Dammaj into a Jihadist stronghold. Ansar Allah warned it would not tolerate this at the heart of its dominion.
Thousands of Sunni Salafist Islamists demonstrated in Sana’a on Saturday in support of their fellow militants, calling on the government to restore peace and protect their people’ religious freedom.
Also last month a reported 42 people died in similar clashed in the northern province of Amran and the central province of Ibb where the Houthis have established strong networks.

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