Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cairo airport tightens security after attacks at three places in Egypt

Cairo's airport authorities have declared a state of emergency and a heightened security alert after several explosions hit Egypt on Monday. Three attacks hit Egypt on Monday morning in Cairo, Ismailia and South Sinai. Six Egyptian army personnel – one officer and five soldiers – were killed in an attack by gunmen on an army patrol near the Suez Canal city of Ismailia on Monday morning.
Shortly afterwards two people died and and 48 got injured in a massive car bomb explosion targeting security headquarters in At-Tur in the south of the Sinai.
In Cairo's upscale district of Maadi, armed assailants attacked with RPGs an uplink telecom facility used to air channels on Egypt's Nilesat satellite. The attack reportedly caused limited damage to some of the satellite dishes at the site. There were no casualties.
As far as Cairo airport was concerend, an informed source told the Arab edition of Al-Ahram that special forces have been called to secure the checkpoints at the airport's entrances. Police dogs trained to sniff out weapons and explosives have also been deployed.

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