Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'No to military law'

Tens of thousands demonstrated on Tuesday at Cairo's Tahrir Square and the nearby building of the parliament against the new amendments to the constitution that were issued by the military and  against the closure of parliament. The participants were mainly members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, but also liberals took part, according to Al Ahram Online. The red banners - issued by the Salafists - read -'The law of the revolution, no to military law' and 'down with military rule'. 
Meanwhile a confrontation may loom over who has won the presidential elections. Unofficial results show that Mohammed Morsi stands at 51,89% and Shafiq at 48,10%. However, not only Morsi, also Shafiq has claimed victory. Official results will be published on Thursday.  (Picture Al-Ahram Online/Mai Shaheen).


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