Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mass-protest in Cairo against candidacy Shafiq and verdict in Mubarak-trial

Tahrir Square on Tuesday 5 June 2012 (Photo Al Ahram Online/Mai Shaheen). Thousands had gathered in protest against the verdict in the Mubarak-trial, in which Mubarak and sons were acquitted of charges of corruption, and six generals of the Interior ministry were acquitted of the charges of giving ordeers to kill protesters in February 2011. The protest was also against the candidature of Ahmed Shafiq for president. Shafiq who was Mubarak's last prime minister and who ended second in the first round, should never have qualified as a candidate, according to the protesters,  as this was against a law adopted by parliament that excluded members of Mubarak's inner circle from taking oart in the elections. The commission that oversaw the presidential elections, however, decided otherwise. 
The demonstration was called for by three presidential candidates in the first round, Abdel Moneim Abouel Foutouh, Hamdeen Sabbahi and Khaled Ali (from left to right on this photo). Sabbahi and Abul-Fotouh led a march to Tahrir from the Mustafa Mahmoud mosque in Giza. Several thousand other protesters, led by Khaled Ali marched from Al-Fatah mosque, among them members of the 6 April Movement.  Ziad al-Eleimi of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and MP Essam Sultan of Al-Wasat Party also led protests to the square. (Al-Ahram Online)

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