Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily News Egypt closed by the management

Very sad news:  Egypt's first independent English language daily newspaper Daily News Egypt will cease publication after seven years of reporting. The decision was made by the managing company, Egypt Media Services, in goes into effect immediately.
The editorial team published its final message on Sunday under the headline: 'Daily News Egypt: Final Words'. "After seven years of providing hard breaking news and analysis on Egypt, and being the only independent English-language printed daily in the country, we regret to inform our loyal readers that, as far as the current editorial staff was informed, the paper will no longer be published."

My heart goes out to the journalists at the Daily News, most of the enthusiast young women who did a good job and invested a lot of their powers and emotions in what was a newspaper that was in some respect a pioneer, and was always well informed and worth reading. I visited the paper last year and remember with pleasure the conversation I had with several of the people who worked at the Daily News.  I wish the staffers all the strength they need, as well as all the luck in the world in finding alternative jobs. And I do hope that their wish, to be able to keep at least their website even if it will be at their own expenses, will be fulfilled. 

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