Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Muslim Brothers prevent protesters from reaching building of Egyptian parliament

 People march towards the parliament on the Tuesday of Determination (The Daily News Egypt)

The animosity between progressive protesters and the Muslim Brotherhood has been heated up after   Muslim Brothers on Tuesday prevented thousands of protesters from reaching the parliament in downtown Cairo. The protesters were holding marches on this so-called “Tuesday of Determination” to demand a speedy transfer of power from the military. Ar least seven marches headed to the parliament building from different spots in Cairo.
However Brotherhood supporters formed a human chain in order to stop the protesters from reaching the parliament  and chanted ´The people and the army are one hand´. The demonstrators quickly turned their slogans in anti-Muslim Brotherhood slogans like  “Where is the right of the martyr? Whoever sells the right of the martyr is a new National Democratic Party,” (the former ruling party under Mubarak). Or: “Badie sold the revolution,” which referred the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide, Mohammed Badie.
The Health Ministry said in a statement that the clashes resulted in the injury of 43 people. In Suez and Ismailiyya there were also demonstrations that demanded the military hand over power soon to civilian institutions.

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