Monday, February 13, 2012

Again clashes between Houthis and tribesmen in N-Yemen

Violent clashes continued on Sunday evening between Shiite al-Houthi rebels and Sunni tribal armed men in the northern Yemeni province of Hajjah, leaving at least 30 killed. "After a short-lived ceasefire agreement was broken, fierce clashes occurred in Ahm and Kashir districts, Hajjah, leaving at least 30 killed and many others wounded from the two sides," a tribal source told the Yemen Post.
Al-Houthis have reportedly prevented a team of mediators, which was formed of tribal chiefs in the area, from supervising the implementation of the agreement that was struck late last week.
The sectarian clashes broke out some two week ago in Sa´adah and Hajjah provinces, when al-Houthis tried to expand their dominance in the area, according to the Yemen Post. According to the paper at least 55 people were killed (40 Houthis and 15 tribesmen) during these earlier fights and an unknown number got wounded. The tribesmen managed to repel the attack, local sources told the paper.
Al-Houthi rebels have reportedly come in large number to Hajjah to reinforce their fighters based in the province. In the fall of last year the Houthis laid siege to the Salafi bulwark Al-Damaj in the Sa´ada governorate after clashes with the Salafis. The Houthis took over the city Sa´ada in March last year, taking advantage of the recent unrest the fragmented-state is currently experiencing.

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