Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yemenis march against Saleh in spite of renewed attack on protest camp

As Yemenis prepared to bury yet more of their “fallen soldiers of the revolution” as some protesters already dubbed the victims of the past few days’ massacres, the Opposition was calling for more demonstrations across the nation.
Despite the danger, a reported million people turned up today in the capital, Sana’a, all gathered under the tricolor flag, brandishing proudly the symbols of their revolution. Heads high and determined to honor their dead, Yemenis once again marched against Saleh’s regime.When asked if he feared the bullets, a young man answered that “only he feared God, not Ali [president Saleh].
The main opposition protest camp in Sanaa came under heavy mortar fire and sniper attack early on Saturday, just hours after President Ali Abdullah Saleh returned from a three-month absence calling for peace and an end to fighting in the capital.
witness and protesters said troops loyal to Saleh, including the elite Republican Guard and Central Security forces assaulted the southern end of "Change Square," the heart of an uprising where thousands have camped out for eight months calling for Saleh's overthrow.
Hundreds fled from the southern end of the camp, they said, as the attack continued from midnight on Friday into Saturday. Initial report said that 18 people were killed.

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