Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mohammed VI of Morocco promises reforms

Mohammed VI
King Mohammed VI of Morocco has announced changes will be made to the constitution aimed at improving democracy and the rule of law. 'We have decided to undertake a comprehensive constitutional reform,' the king Mohammed said in a speech on tv on Wednesday.
Mohammed VI announced the formation of a commission to work on the constitutional revisions, with proposals to be made by June. After that a referendum will be held on the draft constitution, he said. He also pledged that future parliamentary elections will be free and that the head of the winning party will form the new government.
The king's speech was a reaction to demonstrations in several cities on February 20 demanding political reform and limits on the king's powers. Durings these protests six people were killed, 128, including 115 members of the security forces, were wounded, 120 people were arrested, and dozens of vehicles and buildings were damaged or set alight. Since then there have been some peaceful rallies, in among other places Rabat and Casablanca. On Facebook a call was launched for new demonstrations on March 20.

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