Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heavy fighting in Libya on two fronts

It seems Gaddafi is has chosen  for a policy of scorched earth and stamping out the resistance against his regime at any cost. Al-Jazeera English produced this impressive video of  heavy fighting in the east, near the oil city of Ras Lanuf, where Gaddafi's airforce has bombed oil installations and his troops and the rebels are fighting each other with rockets and artillery.
In the west Gaddafi's army has launched several attacks with tanks and armoured cars on the city of Zawiya, the one that was taken by the rebels that is closest to the capital Tripoli which is still in Gaddafi's hands. It seems the Gaddafi troops succeeded in taking the cty center on Wednesday, but were lateron driven out again. There were conflicting reports as to which troops actually have the upper hand. However all reports indicate that there is much destruction in the city and many dead, on both sides.
NATO and the EU will hold talks today on the possibity to impose a no fly zone.

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