Monday, November 1, 2010

Five month for picture of Israeli corporal abusing Palestinian

An Israeli military court on Sunday found a corporal guilty of abuse and behaviour unbecoming of a soldier after photos emerged of him pointing his gun at a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian prisoner. The corporal, who was only named 'corporal S' was sentenced to five months. He was the first to be jailed for such an offence.
The photos were found on his mobile phone after he was arrested on suspicion of taking drugs, Israeli media reports said on Monday. Other pictures found on his phone showed two other soldiers in similar poses, who are also now on trial, they said.
The picture that will cost corporal S. five month in jail. 

In August, photos a former Israeli soldier posted on the social networking site Facebook which showed her posing next to blindfolded Palestinian prisoners sparked an outcry. Last month, a YouTube video showing a soldier belly-dancing next to a blindfolded female detainee wearing a headscarf also caused outrage.

The Israeli military has said such incidents are isolated cases that do not represent the the army as a whole. Palestinians don't agree. Neither do I. One could also ask questions like: why five months for a coporal only threatens someone and was stupid enough to carry the pictures with him, and no punishment at all for .. say .. settlers who cut olive trees or set fire to land belonging to Palestinians, soldiers who beat up children, or a lot of other abuses that come to mind?

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