Monday, September 20, 2010

Two car bombs in Baghdad kill more than 40, wound 135

At least 40 people have been killed Sunday in three car bomb explosions that went off almost at the same time in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. One bomb went off in the busy Adan juncture in the northwestern Kadhimiya district as people were heading to work. Nineteen people were killed in the blast, near an office of the national security ministry, and 65 wounded.
Seconds later two car bombs exploded in the western Mansour district and killed 21 people and wounded at least 70 outside the Zarzour kebab restaurant and the office of the phone company Asiacell. The latter office was completely destoyed. It seemed that the targets of both bombs were civilians.
In Fallujah, once an insurgent stronghold, a suicide bomber in the center of the city killed 6 persons and wounded 14. The attack may have been retaliation for a joint Iraqi Army and US military sweep of the city center in search of an ‘al-Qaeda’ leader last Wednesday, in which a firefight broke out that left 7 civilians dead.
A father and son were killed when a magnetic bomb was attached to their car in Ghazaliyah in western Baghdad. Three rounds of mortars landed in the heavily fortified Green Zone, home to many foreign embassies and government building, but without causing casualties or damage.

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